everybody twenty

No, I'm not talking to you from the far far away planet that it seemed as i kidnapped to.. I know it's been ages since our last chitchat but its only because of one tiny little reason that sometimes pronounced as life, that isn't always goes side by side with my wills. be sure that I'm trying my best to be around here as much as I can, but enough with all the excuses cause there are better things to talk about at this days, something like me turned twenty, two weeks ago (excitement mixed with the twentieth-life crisis). yeah my dear fellows, your loyal blogger is no longer a kiddo, although I still look like one, how else will you explain that when I say I'm twenty the first thing people ask is "really?!" (I still believe that at sixty it will work for me..) 

I think that I will sum it all up with a quote of a friend of mine and say that for twenty I'm starting to embrace the "hardcore polish aunt" look (Maybe I don't have the oldie look but I'm oldie in my soul-see, this is hardcore)
(vintage Christian Dior silk flowered blouse, American apparel rope belt, Zara silver sandals, lalin straw hat, rhea thierstein flower head band and urban outfitters gold watch)