string and needle

It's been a while since I have shown some sewing lessons life signs on my slightly graying page. so I think its a good time to stop this clinical death, rub the electric shock and bring them back to life (I predict to someone here a medical career?! god no!). don't even let this thought to cross your mind, I never intend to stop sewing and I will never do so, just that apparently button shirts has all this strict rules to how you need to sew them. So the project that I thought will be finished after two lessons (naive ye ye) turned into a month and a half (which means six lessons) of work. but weird thing happened and not as usual that till I finish to sew I already can't be in its presence, this time I sends it looks every time it nearby (I'm flirting with the shirt, I'm a shirt teaser)  and don’t forget that I had the longest time to starting hate it). Maybe it's because it can go with everything, every color and in every variation (on something, underneath, open, closed, tied and yada yada the list can go on and on...)   
(Ann Sofie back for TopShop stripe shirt, my grandma old swimsuit worn as skirt, swan clothing sock garters, Carvela chunky ankle boots and Asos cat eye shades)

Second thing I did was no sewing class related, just one of my clothing upgrades that i love doing on boredom moments (apparently the time of appearance of all my ideas). My grandma gave me this purple button shirt and I had a recurring problem every time I approached the shirt of how to attach it to some outfit. Apparently the problem was my luck of enthusiasm from this plain shirt because since I attached those beads (that everybody think theme to necklace and surprised when it's not come out when they pull it. so I will use this platform to say, stop ruin my shirt!) I left the house wearing it a couple of times (complete with the outfit I assembled).

(Baby pink princes dress from some market in Barcelona area, my homemade pompon and Miss Selfridge limited edition shoes)



Not only there were so many collections this time that caught my attention that it almost felt like a sea food market (yap, lobsters, remember?! ) but also before I could say Jack Robinson everything finished like nothing ever happened and Milan shined with a Gucci color injection.
You say that not everyone can stick to the fashion industry world beat and I say that all you need is a beat of practice (and some sleeping hours cut maybe...)  but bottom line is that I didn't gave LFW all the attention it deserve, infect I didn't gave it attention at all (shame on me). Not that I didn't had what to say about it (believe me) just that i wasn't fast enough to catch the "let's talk about it" train. 

I didn't say that I wish someday someone will surprise me with a birthday party that will look like the Louise Gray collection (or at list to will invite a balloon guy that will make balloon hats like those instead of the lame dog shape balloon hat. those are way more cooler!)
That for the first time since finishing my art course (after five years of studding) I got interested all over again with the baroque time thanks to the Mary Katrantzou collection (seriously. some dusty books can be my witnesses)
that Christopher Kane purses, pockets and shoulder straps reminded me that I need to find my swelling PVC fluid filled backpack that I got when I been hosted as a crowed at the our local kids channel studios when I was nine
 That Burberry somehow red my mind when putting on all the models at the final walk the clear PVC capes (not because I thought they should finish like that but because it's on my sewing plans list for a while now)
that Meadham Kirchhoff presented as usual the most beautiful mess I have ever seen and made me want to watch some western for the first time in my life (someone said true grit?!). The folklore vibe they spread there sure has something to do with that... 
That the Marios Schwab runway shots at style.com don't do any justice with the collection details. But the truth is that no one (yet) took the picture that will hide so many buckles.

And that I promise such thing will never happen again! (This is the time to test my reliability) 

(All backstage photos from dazed digital, runway details from style.com and photos 2 and 17 are from here)


i'm sorry but London called me

Long time since we met at my last post and it's not so optimal, but I have a really good excuse to my prolonged absence and I wish I still were at this really really good excuse! So since last Thursday till yesterday (which means Sunday) I spent the craziest (in every sense of the word) three days in London. It was a really short trip but we (by "we" I mean me, my sister and my mum) had a really great time. Of course it wasn't the ideal vacation (scamper all day long) but for sure it left me wanting for more (it happens every time I leave London...I need to do something about that). You probably ask what can I possibly catch in so little time?! You'll be surprised to know that I did everything I planned to do, from all must sees for the "first time in London" tourist (my sister) to the all must purchase for the "came for short time" London buyer (me). I think that I better start tell it all from start.

As I said at the very first beginning of this post, London had to get us (ready or not) at the noon time of Thursday. we landed in London and before we noticed we were at the middle of an hasty shopping at the oxford circus topshop store holding a dozen hangers (with cloths of course) trying to figure out if we have been already in where we stand, or not.  
Later that day since we didn't knew London that much, when it was dinner time we decided to try our luck at soho. The problem again was that since we didn't knew London soho was a part of this "didn't knew" thing. So with no other choice we needed to trust the taxi driver and told him to take us to something "Italian" (we know how to be specific!). We didn't like where he brought us (too much fancy) but it gave us a reason to walk in the area until we have found pizza express.  
The second day started with a visit to the Madame Tussauds museum where we had a chance to
 be homies with Will Smith
  eat breakfast at tiffany's with Audrey Hepborn
And hang with the Beatles
 Lunch stop at Patisserie Valerie, I took the crock madam (They had it on their menu, can't say no to crock madam...)

After lunch we had it to Dover street visiting the acne store and the Dover street market store that even if you have  no intention to buy there anything it's a must have experience, just to see those runway pieces that known to you only from the web and the magazines, in real, worth it all. 

The third and last day was all rainy but it took more than that to disable us what that time wasn't our friend during that trip. Starting with a walk at the place of origin of punk aka Camden market, Try to absorb some culture and to find myself a pair of 1461 doc. martens (which been revealed as impossible) 

 After the market we continue on to Selfridges to see what left on the rack from the "bright young thing" project where I treated myself with a Rhea Thierstein flower hair ribbon.

 The second time at Topshop supposed to be just quick look to see if we didn't forgot to take something at the first time, but on the way to the way out escalators I bumped into some improvised stage in the middle of the store. I approached the stage to see better what it's all about and understand that some kind of  London fashion week related discussion (since top shop is the sponsor for some of the shows) is about to begin. So I decide to stay a bit, maybe they will be some intresting talking. To my surprise I found out that the ones who were going to talk were Zoe Patoff of the inside out Topshop blog and Susie Bubble from style bubble talking about LFW from a blogger perspective so as other blogger issues and answered some questions from the crowd. So of course I stayed to hear what they have to say.   
Later that evening we went to a Mexican restaurant called Wahaca (the soho branch). beside the fact that what I ordered was so spicy (even due I asked for not spicy at all, but my tongue is way to sensitive for this stuff, I blame her for all my suffer) that I couldn't focus at the taste of my dish, all the rest was really good and the design of the whole place is really cool and we got chilly seeds at the end (!!!) I don't know why I'm so excited, I can't eat spicy... 

That was our last London attraction, the next morning we woke up early morning and had our flight back. if I have to sum up this whole experience in three words I probably will say short and sweet, but since it's my blog and I can decide for myself how much words to use I will say that I will defiantly visit London again! (And won't buy three huge magazines, they make my suitcase to much heavy)
(Some Polaroid photos I took with my Polaroid camera on a Mary Katrantzou flayer)