Not only there were so many collections this time that caught my attention that it almost felt like a sea food market (yap, lobsters, remember?! ) but also before I could say Jack Robinson everything finished like nothing ever happened and Milan shined with a Gucci color injection.
You say that not everyone can stick to the fashion industry world beat and I say that all you need is a beat of practice (and some sleeping hours cut maybe...)  but bottom line is that I didn't gave LFW all the attention it deserve, infect I didn't gave it attention at all (shame on me). Not that I didn't had what to say about it (believe me) just that i wasn't fast enough to catch the "let's talk about it" train. 

I didn't say that I wish someday someone will surprise me with a birthday party that will look like the Louise Gray collection (or at list to will invite a balloon guy that will make balloon hats like those instead of the lame dog shape balloon hat. those are way more cooler!)
That for the first time since finishing my art course (after five years of studding) I got interested all over again with the baroque time thanks to the Mary Katrantzou collection (seriously. some dusty books can be my witnesses)
that Christopher Kane purses, pockets and shoulder straps reminded me that I need to find my swelling PVC fluid filled backpack that I got when I been hosted as a crowed at the our local kids channel studios when I was nine
 That Burberry somehow red my mind when putting on all the models at the final walk the clear PVC capes (not because I thought they should finish like that but because it's on my sewing plans list for a while now)
that Meadham Kirchhoff presented as usual the most beautiful mess I have ever seen and made me want to watch some western for the first time in my life (someone said true grit?!). The folklore vibe they spread there sure has something to do with that... 
That the Marios Schwab runway shots at style.com don't do any justice with the collection details. But the truth is that no one (yet) took the picture that will hide so many buckles.

And that I promise such thing will never happen again! (This is the time to test my reliability) 

(All backstage photos from dazed digital, runway details from style.com and photos 2 and 17 are from here)

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