to the bone

And the madness has finely begun! Now it's New York and right after its London, gahh, I love this time of the year. All the anticipation to see who will be the ones that you can't remain indifferent in front of. A breath of relief has been noted while seeing the David Neville and Marcus Wainwright fall 11 collection aka rag & bone. I can officially say that I have found my (first) NYFW lobster! 
With the ability to combine between all Arctic Circle populations typical outfits vibe with some 70's skiing inspired items and if it's not enough to add some tweed coats/capes and tartan skirts/pants (a seal that says "those are rag & bone outputs!") without look even close to ridicules.... I mean... how they make it so logical for god sake??

Just a few that stood from the rest probably because of their unusual connection between the upper part and the bottom (a retro ski jacket with tartan fringe skirt as worn by Lindsey Wixson) or just with no special reason (i always for an identical patterns combination like the one with the tartan jacket on the tartan dress). And the shoes that had all the right additions, if it's with the buckles, the super high chunky heels or just the coarse sewing on the top of the boots, everything together was like hot chocolate in the rain ( which in my mind means: perfect together!) 
Probably inspired in some way by this royal blue and orange red color combination...

I have found myself leaving home like this

wearing comme il fout stripes shirt, "vitrina" blue dress, striped red tights that was given me from a family friend, half clear flats from Barcelona and my Elmo purse that I bought somewhere in tel aviv when I was thirteen.

 Somewhat suspect I would say...

(all runway and runway details pics are from style.com, backstage shots from dazed digital)


  1. you look really really cute!!!


  2. I love this outfit! The Elmo bag was a nice touch :) I also just wanted to say that you have amazing style. I love your blog! <3

  3. what a cute outfit

    I love all the tartan inspired collections
    being irish, whenever I see tartans its like hearing bagpipes, I instantly feel a call from the motherland!!!

    your outfit is so cute
    and I love elmo!

    great post!