let's do some math

Warning: this post is gonna be very poor. (Sorry...)(Reason is just one picture ahead)

The fact that I haven't saw math problems for something like two years didn't prevent me from doing this one. When I saw this bride photo it was simply asked to do this combination. It's screaming Cindy Lou Who as a birthday present. Doesn't it?! (Have to say that I learned it from the best)

ps: sorry for the lack of posts lately but I became a busy working lady, going to work at six am and back home at nine pm (Pretty exhausted), life ain't simple. But I promise to try my best on posting!


excuse me mr, is this your stripes baloon?

Last visit to my grandparents' house got me with this striped trousers that in fact were belong to my mother around her twenties. Although that was not supposed to be the thing that will knock you off your chair, but the fact that this pants from H&M sure do. Maybe I'm the only one who gets exited from this fact but man I have vintage H&M who thought these two words could be next to each other in our days (I feel like someone from the future...).
But back to ours, I thought that a splash of colors will be the right thing for this monochrome-ish outfit, so a vintage belt from a family friend, necklace from my cousins and necklace by G jarvis jewelry etc is the things that will do only good.

Watching Xmas-the glee way and reading all of the other bloggers Xmas posts really got me in these holiday vibes. Although I'm not celebrate this holiday, there is one thing that I like about it and that thing will be its spirit, always makes me happy. so as I mentioned, maybe I'm not celebrate, but presents are more than welcome and what is a more perfect timing to get both of the I heart geek and the pink pony necklaces that I ordered on G jarvis jewelry etc than today?!


couture gone wild

Last weekend I spent some really good time at the museum. Maybe its sounds a bit nerdy and all but I enjoyed this visit a lot! (Ok, not help on fixing the nerd image, eh...) I was at the design museum of Holon, visiting the Mechanical Couture exhibition. This fascinating exhibition presents the projects of a 20 fashion designers from around the globe, which has decided to give the machine a major place in their garments. Every designer expressed it in a different way, some has used the machine as their inspirations, some did a cooperative work with the machine and some made the machine part of the garment. I took lots of photos over there (until my camera was screaming desperately for charging) and put down here a prĂ©cis with the remarkable ones
One of the first was Ying Gao a birth born Chinese who lives and works from Canada. Her garments are equipped with tiny and pretty not visible (I haven't saw them) sensors that has sensitivity for different irritations like breathing, light and body temperature, and following to them they change their shape (expand, swell etc).   

Cedric Flazinski took what many of the companies do to a whole different level. Every company wants to adapt herself to the customer needs and so as Cedric. But not like the others, Cedric made a personality test that in the end of the process you will get a shoe that not made by you but based on you (I wanted to create my own based personality shoe but the line was too long, so I passed it...)

Dai Fujiwara for ISSEY MIYAKE (a Japanese designer) has created a collection that made out of cooperation with the Dyson Company (that among others produced also vacuum cleaner) 

 A really cool display was Alyce Santoro pieces. She used old cassette spools to produced fabrics and has created the garments from them. The most awesome thing about these pieces is the fact that with a special device you can make sounds out of them. How awesome is that! To go with a musical garment! (You can be like a human iPod)
 Using 3D computer software Marloes ten Bhomer is able to create a shoe using only one matter. The software permit to upload the design and by that to calculate the quantity that we need from the material and how much it will cost. These specific pumps are pretty nice i love the bionic look that the material and the cut are giving them. 


not nature's way

 Let's say I'm kind of a foreign element in my work. They just not used to see this kind of sights, with all the mixing prints and colors they never thought can fit together. The people in my work are a bit more solid. But I like it that I bring something fresh. on this specific day I wore a cardigan that belongs to my sister, a red dot shirt that was used my mother in her Minnie Mouse costume many years ago (when she was five, or something like that), Pola Raxa grey leopard leggings (although I'm not a big fan of the leopard print, I find something different in those), my grandma belt and my new shoes that if you just continue on ridding you will know exactly where I got them from. 

 To my sawing class I support the "live on the edge" way and let myself wear more extreme combinations. this time went with red striped tights a gift from a family friend, gold striped skirt that used to be a bathing suit, T from Hanes with watermelon and diamond earrings using as brooches on it, a gramophone record bag I bought in cape town and shoes that you are really close to know all about them.
 So those are my new irregular choice honeys. In the minute I saw them in the store I just had this feeling that I'm gonna leave with them. Not only that the sells woman told they are on sale, she also said that I can get an EXTRA discount with the member card. Can't you see?! There was no way out from this trap, I just had to buy them. So I did. And I'm happy.
 …and one last thing. Yesterday I got from the very far away, Hong Kong, this fashionary. It all start when I saw it on Suzie bubble blog and thought that I got to have one like this for myself! You probably wonder what is so special about this little black notebook, well, it's like haven for all those fashion Interested people. it has everything starting from the names of all the brands in the world, list of books that are about fashion related subjects (including blogs), when fashionweek is about to be in every city it usually present and the best thing about it is the fact that it has lots of information and tools for all the future to be fashion designers: samples for shirts, pants, dresses, hats and the list goes on, measurements, many blank pages for your own thoughts and designs etc etc. Really. Heaven. (Sorry for being so exited and like a commercial for this little thing, but I just love it!)


shop the top

Since the day I was born I knew that the world divided into two main things: on one hand you have the high fashion that you know you will never get to wear it on your own everyday and luck of spotlights skin and on the other hand you have the world where you and I are living in, with the everyday-ish clothes we get from the closet retail store to our hose. But in the last years something has changed and the high fashion started to show her signs down here, in the less sparkling part of the world. More and more known names at the fashion industry decide to display a capsule collection at the big retail stores (aka the "if you not heard of you probably live on mars" Alber Elbaz for H&M, Pier Hardy for Gap, the upcoming Karl Lagerfeld for Macys etc).

But something even better and for my opinion more estimate than those collaborations is this topshop project. This really uniqe project means that topshop will teamed up with this year three most promising students from Central Saint Martins and will stock their key pieces from theire graduate collections (for now it's only topshop, but who knows what the future holds, this thing is a very nice springboard). The three very (very) lucky chosen ones are Simone Rocha, Lilly Heine and Matthew Harding.

Matthew Harding 1,2 

Lilly Heine 1,2

Simone Rocha 1
Every collection has its own individuality. While Matthew Harding's pieces are more about the soft yet harsh look with a combination between the fur\tulle and the sharp cuts, Lilly Heine brings the more futuristic look integrated with pastel colors; she takes the classic T and gives it a switch. So as Simone Rocha that mange to create a complete different vibe from both of them for her collection using fierce and bold colors.

Their pieces are already available (to be more specific they are available from the first of December), but before you run to your nearest topshop store to nab your own piece you need to know that its available only in the oxford street store (yeah, I know, bummer for me too).  For those who mange to lay their hands on one of those prestigious pieces, be aware that maybe you holding a future design star piece.    


wind it up yodelay yodeloh

It all begun from a "boredom result" idea, some random fabrics and buttons and my own aspiration. A few weeks ago my brain decided to work overtime and I came out with the idea of making some sheer floating skirt, but the problem was that I didn't know how.  ok, not exactly that I didn't know how but the fact that I had too many ideas was a bit problematic (to put this ovetr there  and maybe this on the top but it looks better like over there etc. etc.). The other day at the coffee shop (while gulping some pretty good hot cider, I have to say) I had a revelation and just knew it should been done this way. The day after I already had the fabrics and after a week it was readytowear. And here is the result...
I think that I got inspired from all those sheer fabrics vibes that hover out there. I believe that it was something unconscious that leads me to this idea, Maybe the result of surfing the web for fashion inspirations like risto, comme des garcons of last year, some of the outfits on the web and many (many) other goods.

Metallic blue converse from china, socks from some department store, T from Hanes and grey sparkle tights from Paul and Bear

I don't know if you can tell from the pics but today the real thing has finally arrive. It was stormy and rain all day and the thing that really symbolized the first day of a real winter was the act of lighting the fireplace and hosting the traditional winter cholent lunch (I really love those Saturdays...)


let it folk

those gypsy-ish shots were snapped from: Contributor Magazine, comme des garcons, from my family roots trip to Romania, japanese fruits, Meadham Kirchhoff ss11 

I thought that I must post this outfit before it'll be too weird to see in a blogpost sunlit shots or alternately grooving around with very thin clothes. those pics were taken something like a week and a half ago when most of the peoples here stopped believe in the whole four season thing and got used to the fact of summer for the rest of their lives (we've been together for so long-it's hard to say goodbye- not!)  
Wearing this thriftad vest alone already made me feel a bit folky (mixed with gypsy touches) so when I add the triple gold necklace and the moccasins it was over the top that it made me do this folklorish dance, but not for long. you know i think I love my fornarina moccasins, especially because of their little colored mirrors that attached all around the shoe (sometimes when I am wearing them and I'm board, I try to see my reflection in them-not working...)