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Busy busy and also tired! This week I've started a new job (yay me)! Ok don't get to exited cause it's not so exiting. i have to get up every morning at 5:30 am (except weekends because they are jobless, you know) and all I do is only faxing, answering the phone, scanning, answering the phone, get the sandwiches, answering the phone, get the mail and answering the phone (yes, there are lots of phone calls...very popular the people in my office). But maybe I'm just a little (just a little..) spoiled, because its not that bad. The peoples are nice and I get paid pretty good (for this kind of job and for my current age) and it's only for a couple of weeks, to earn some money by myself (and also to make my mother happy-finely her child doing something for her living-I'm growing up so fast!!).

 Quick review: grey T from a friend, sheer lemon top: thrifted, light pink jacket from my mom, pants from Zara and the shoes I got from gap many years ago.   
 This 'beads warped with pantyhose' necklace was given me as a present something like four years ago and since then I haven't seen her (She sort of disappeared into the ground, or been stolen by dwarfs either the maid took it- you know, all this clichés). But yesterday I found her somewhere in my room (ok, it was under my bed...) and I thought to myself, where was it all the time that I needed it. Now it will defiantly get some place of honor on my jewelry hanger!
p.s: let's see who know from where this posts headline is taken from... (I think it's a tough one, but what I know)

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  1. Congratulations with ya new job!
    Very pretty outfit, the idea with beads and pantyhose is very clever. I'm going to make that kind of a necklace for one of my friends for "Jul" (Christmas in Sweden!)