let it folk

those gypsy-ish shots were snapped from: Contributor Magazine, comme des garcons, from my family roots trip to Romania, japanese fruits, Meadham Kirchhoff ss11 

I thought that I must post this outfit before it'll be too weird to see in a blogpost sunlit shots or alternately grooving around with very thin clothes. those pics were taken something like a week and a half ago when most of the peoples here stopped believe in the whole four season thing and got used to the fact of summer for the rest of their lives (we've been together for so long-it's hard to say goodbye- not!)  
Wearing this thriftad vest alone already made me feel a bit folky (mixed with gypsy touches) so when I add the triple gold necklace and the moccasins it was over the top that it made me do this folklorish dance, but not for long. you know i think I love my fornarina moccasins, especially because of their little colored mirrors that attached all around the shoe (sometimes when I am wearing them and I'm board, I try to see my reflection in them-not working...)

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