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Since the day I was born I knew that the world divided into two main things: on one hand you have the high fashion that you know you will never get to wear it on your own everyday and luck of spotlights skin and on the other hand you have the world where you and I are living in, with the everyday-ish clothes we get from the closet retail store to our hose. But in the last years something has changed and the high fashion started to show her signs down here, in the less sparkling part of the world. More and more known names at the fashion industry decide to display a capsule collection at the big retail stores (aka the "if you not heard of you probably live on mars" Alber Elbaz for H&M, Pier Hardy for Gap, the upcoming Karl Lagerfeld for Macys etc).

But something even better and for my opinion more estimate than those collaborations is this topshop project. This really uniqe project means that topshop will teamed up with this year three most promising students from Central Saint Martins and will stock their key pieces from theire graduate collections (for now it's only topshop, but who knows what the future holds, this thing is a very nice springboard). The three very (very) lucky chosen ones are Simone Rocha, Lilly Heine and Matthew Harding.

Matthew Harding 1,2 

Lilly Heine 1,2

Simone Rocha 1
Every collection has its own individuality. While Matthew Harding's pieces are more about the soft yet harsh look with a combination between the fur\tulle and the sharp cuts, Lilly Heine brings the more futuristic look integrated with pastel colors; she takes the classic T and gives it a switch. So as Simone Rocha that mange to create a complete different vibe from both of them for her collection using fierce and bold colors.

Their pieces are already available (to be more specific they are available from the first of December), but before you run to your nearest topshop store to nab your own piece you need to know that its available only in the oxford street store (yeah, I know, bummer for me too).  For those who mange to lay their hands on one of those prestigious pieces, be aware that maybe you holding a future design star piece.    

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  1. I think my favorites are the Lilly Heine pieces. They're the most wearable ones, but they still have that extra somethin' somethin'.

    I once went to a party that was ALL rich twentysomethings except for me, my boyfriend, and one another woman. It was nuts. Everyone's dresses were so glittery and beautiful. Someone actually had the real Chanel bag that I was carrying a knockoff of. It was so, so crazy... I wonder if you can really see the difference with everyday clothes, though, or if it's just readily apparent with cocktail wear.