And I ask "where"

There are two main things I'm waiting to happen' right now:
1. My muscles to be released from the kickboxing lesson I took two days ago so I can stop walk like a duck with I "won't say what" stuck in "I won't say where" 
The temperature in this little middle eastern country standing right now on 25 Celsius degrees on average in each day. In November. Like the known singer said: "it's getting hot in here". There so many horrors in the world like slavery and oppression of women and animal abuse and the list goes on and on.. But all I am thinking about right now is when I will have a chance to wear an oversize coat and some decent scarf. Ok I sound like the horrible person on earth. Let me fix the impression. there are many horrors in the world which I'm aware of every day and I do not reduce of their importance but if we live them behind for a minuet (can be even 30 seconds) I will say that my materialistic and shallow thought of the moment (everyone should have a materialistic and shallow thought once in a while) is about me wearing an oversize coat with lots and lots of layers underneath knowing it won't happen any time sooner as long as I do not use a commercial jet to change my location, right now.

I define myself as a person who does not get a touch with one particular season. But as I get along with all the seasons they also got sick on me after three to four weeks. So if I sum it up, close to summer end I just can't wait for the winter and vice versa for the winter. And unwarp all fall 13 rtw shows all over again didn't helped at all.

So with the help of those kind and massive coats...

I found myself doing this...

(twentyfourseven beige coat, gap denim shirt, my mother youth levis jeans, h&m sparkle socks, Imelda  purple platforms, American Apparel hair bow)

(fake fur light blue coat belonged to my grandma, thrifted jeans skirt white shirt, space tights from a stand in the mall, light blue tights ((on the space)) from a family friend, juju sparkle jelly pumps)

 (Naf Naf coat, gap black tights, vans whole black platform sneakers)

But until the cold and the wind will come I'll wait here, under the blazing sun, get some ten (well, one shade darker than bright white)
(My mother jeans vest, American Apparel polka dot jumpsuit, reebok classic white shoes, twentyfourseven flower bag and my grandma oversize blue aviator sunglasses)

I leave you with the great Janelle Monae with the illegally blonde Erikah Badu. It's a good one

(All runway pic are from style.com)


Inspiration board vs. memories from the east

Since I dash to the blogosphere three years ago I consistently tried to represent my perspective on the fashion scene that start from my modest house and ends with the world's major fashion capitals (not that I pretend to be some kind of a big fashion persona) and try not to touch my personal life (no family, no friends it's not that I'm some kind of a loner. I think so. No I'm not. yes. no!). But it's irresistible some times basically because my life is my main inspiration.

well the reason I pour my heart all of the sudden and telling you all of these rubbish is because two months ago I spent the most carefree and magical two months in the island of Sri Lanka (for all of the confusers out there- the island is located south to India). All the sites, experiences and especially the Indian Ocean have contributed a lot to my fashion inspiration. So see this post as an inspiration bored made by me although this time shot and experienced by me.

(pics took with my friend canon and my waterproof disposable camera)  

 Both crop tops (purple and red) made by a talented local seamstress from what used to be a local bought scarves (both designed by me)

 (sheer skirt-American Apparel, bodysuit- dance shop, fake palladium-downtown HC, flowers necklace- Hawaii)

 (white buttoned shirt- old navy, ripped off jeans- levis from the flea market, brown oxfords- Adi Kilav)