across the universe

Just some pic I took outside my house.
I think it's the Most beautiful sunset i ever seen.
So have a peaceful weekend and don't forget to breathe...
love you all


"Bang Bang Bang"

Oh hello there! How are you guys?! I'm fine thank you :) just wanted to tell you that on Tuesday I was in Tel Aviv-the big city(woohoo) and met there a good friend of mine. It was a fun day! We ate crock madam (grilled toast with ham and cheese and fried egg on the top-very yummy). We also went to see a movie called "Tamara Drewe" (recommended) anddd I also bought to myself two pairs of two tone tights by American Apparel :)

Left pic: wearing dress and belt from my grandma, American Apparel tights and Paul and Bear flat shoes that I upgraded.
Right pic: wearing skirt from my grandma, Sugerdady shirt, American Apparel tights and jelly flat shoes.

I accessorized those outfits with a golden ring from India, round black ring by "Meital Toledo", an eaten apple necklace and a gold vintage necklace.

I don't know why but every time that I thought about the blue and pink tights this song of Mark Ronson came up in my head

But that just me...


It's FALL time

Yesterday I decided that if the fall wan't come to me- I will come to the fall! really! it's the end of october and it's 35 degrees outside. Soooo I thought that maybe if I will wear a fall outfit the fall will come.
And you know what, I think it actually worked! today the wather was much more better and close to how it suppose to be at this time of the year.
I think I have magic powers! :) 
I wore a vest and t-shert by H&M,tights by Rupa,sweater that was belong to my mom, skirt that was belong to my grandma and Paez shoes.
Those are my bling-blings: a pearl necklace from my grandma, Michal Nagarin's ring and my "meydale" necklace (my fave!)


MEYDALE is in the house

What a date to start my blog! I hope it will bring me good luck and a lot of readers !!
Soooo I just opened this blog and yet I tries to adapt to everything here
.But soon I will start to uplode some pictures and more cool stuff
Anyway, just keep in touch