ma petit garçon

I think that I always had the dilemma if investing (financially of course) in a piece, no piece it's not the appropriate name for those kind of things, I think that creation will serve me better, is worth any amount of money. I never thought that I will cross this dilemma so soon in my luckofexperiences life (I mean I still need to earn some wisdom). But things happens and one thing led to another and before I noticed my innocent visit of "I just want to look around and draw some inspiration" to Dover street market (for more information and memory refresh see this entry) has become dooshi's choice starring me, my sister. My mother and two bohemian sellers trying to help me choose which comme des garcons shirt I should live the store with. if you happen to be hasty (like me from time to time) and jumped first to the photos before checking what am I chattering about this time, I guess you saw that eventually I left the store with new and existing addition to my developing wardrobe. so if you ask me I guess that my opinion will be that as long as you have the means and as long it doesn't become some kind of an ugly addiction that lead you to purchase some tasteless pieces, investing in high fashion stuff is fine by me. 

Just remember to keep your feet on the ground!    
Once I wore it I carried the obligation of capture and document each part of it 

(Wearing comme des garcons button shirt, h&m dress, Stradivarius tights, Miss Selfridge limited addition shoes and little brown bag that was belonged to my grandma)


George isn't at home

If you happen to be permanent follower of Meydale I guess you noticed that between my last post and the one before it there was a gap of a week. Maybe I'm not the kind of bloggers who update their blog each day but even for me seven days between posts is not my posting routine. Well unfortunately I brought this absence issue in here not to say that it is going to change anytime soon but the complete opposite. Since last Monday I have joined to some project that keep me busy all week long except from weekends, which means that start from now posts are going to appear only during weekends for the next few month. I know it's not the optimal situation but I don't have any other choice. Hope all of you who read and catch up with me from time to time will understand. Meanwhile I know that for long time I didn't post a "me" post, so I live you with that... 

(sister by sibiling for topshop sweater, yellow plaid skirt from my grandma so as black belt, stradivarius tights, carvela chunky ankle boots, H&M grey knitted hat and UO gold watch)

peak season

I have always said that garment should be measured by its details, if you will capture with an imaginary frame some spots on the garment and still feel the right vibe from it, you know this piece has it all, for your opinion at list. Towards the end of Paris fashion week someone from above decided that the finish should be one to remember and so released all the big shots on the last days that happen to be also the last days of all the major fashion weeks of the fall season. Like all the fashion lovers out there, I was wetness to some remarkable shows at Paris fashion week that signed this season. 

Victor & Rolf origami folds, Stella McCartney dots and circles, Givenchy soft animalism and Alexander McQueen gothic arctic circle vibe.  
(All photos from vogue.com)


he ow(e)ns it

Trendspot at the Rick Owens fall 2011 show, the eskimosian nun is back! ectually this trend never was here, so a new trend apeared on the paris fashion week runways. come on everybody attach some fur on a high waist skirt, pull it over your head, kick up yuor heels and paint the town red
Ok, I will put my sarcasm aside and talk brass tacks, I think that Rick Owens put that night on the runway all right things for my (quirky you might say) taste. the long capes that looked like served batman on his glory days, but with tiny improvement of two arm holes in the front of the cape, the use of side zippers and lots of lather, even the coats that looked like some kind of a robot wearing an astronaut suit thanks to the look like wire tubes on the side of the sleeves and the puffy coat, the turtleneck that goes up to the head like pretend to be some kind of a hood hat and last but not list the puffy sleeveless dresses. Although it darkness that not most likely for me to love or connect to (I'm more a fan of colors and general happiness I think) this collection had something that appealed me. So if it wasn't the colors that influenced on my thoughts about this collection i guess it must be all different clothing styles (mentioned above) that had the impact on me this time.

Just when I thought that everything is going all right, a scandal has been discovered! Apparently Rick Owens borrowed the Balenciaga pre-fall 2010 gloves (!!) or is he...
Something is a bit suspicious here.

Side note: I know I said that ill put the sarcasm aside, but it is stronger than me

(All runway photos from FGR, details from vogue.com and first photo from dazad digital)



Apparently, purchasing the David Koma for TopShop belt became an object to laugh about by my mother and my sister (with a cooperation on my part. self humor. good to use it from while to while) that from now on I will be delayed in every security check when I'm wearing what seem to look like a bullets belt. even my grandpa got all interest in my outfit (which is not such an usual event) asking me all those handyman's questions like what kind of metal was used for my belt and so.

On one typical Israeli winter day (sunny, bright and dry), wearing my light blue tights (which gave me the look of a person who suffer from hypothermia. so no, it's just the tights. I'm fine thank you)and my brother denim button shirt, that he used to wear on his third year to life, or something close to that (the sleeves are not sophisticatedly designed as half sleeves) and armed with my equipped belt I went to hit the anemones filled. So maybe it's not the most appropriate accessorize to a filled trip but in my defiance I would say that it was a spontaneous stop on our way back from Tel Aviv and I think that I covered on this nature misfit belt with my nature friend flower backpack. 

(This time I left my house wearing a gap toddler denim button shirt, H&M white dress, light blue tights from a family friend, Miss Selfridge limited edition shoes, David Koma for TopShop belt and TFS flower bag)