ma petit garçon

I think that I always had the dilemma if investing (financially of course) in a piece, no piece it's not the appropriate name for those kind of things, I think that creation will serve me better, is worth any amount of money. I never thought that I will cross this dilemma so soon in my luckofexperiences life (I mean I still need to earn some wisdom). But things happens and one thing led to another and before I noticed my innocent visit of "I just want to look around and draw some inspiration" to Dover street market (for more information and memory refresh see this entry) has become dooshi's choice starring me, my sister. My mother and two bohemian sellers trying to help me choose which comme des garcons shirt I should live the store with. if you happen to be hasty (like me from time to time) and jumped first to the photos before checking what am I chattering about this time, I guess you saw that eventually I left the store with new and existing addition to my developing wardrobe. so if you ask me I guess that my opinion will be that as long as you have the means and as long it doesn't become some kind of an ugly addiction that lead you to purchase some tasteless pieces, investing in high fashion stuff is fine by me. 

Just remember to keep your feet on the ground!    
Once I wore it I carried the obligation of capture and document each part of it 

(Wearing comme des garcons button shirt, h&m dress, Stradivarius tights, Miss Selfridge limited addition shoes and little brown bag that was belonged to my grandma)


  1. כל כך נכון! מילה במילה.
    והחולצה ממש מתוקה!

  2. golly! i love your shirt. cdg partayy! sorry that was a little odd. you have the best outfits.

  3. החולצה שלך מהממת ובטוח שווה את ההשקעה. הלוואי היה היה לתחיל לאסוף פרטי מעצבים לארוני כשעוד הייתי צעירה. מקסים!