its thrift o'clock

Know those times when you feel that doing something specific will be the exact thing that will fulfill you for the next few days?! have I sprinkled it too much for you, ok let's do it more accurate, there are times when doing a good sopping hunt can make all my mess go away for a sec. it's like you feel that right now it's the only thing that can do you good. Sounds superficial and girly girl stereotype but I am a girl after all and i guess this is something genetic or some feature that came from the monkey and survived evolution till our days. 
A few weekends ago this kind of feeling has land on me threaten of not living till I will decide to do something about it. so I remembered that every time I passed the street that led me to my sewing course I saw those little new designers and second hand shops that were scattered there and I thought that one day I should make time to walk there around. That exact day was the perfect timing for my little sopping tour. After walking around a beat I found some this hand store that had tons of clothes that covered the wall from head to toe with two rows of clothes one above the other. It was almost impossible to walk over there if there are more than two people, but I loved it! Another opportunity to search among the rags and find my treasures. Couldn't ask for more at the moment...      

 (thrifted light blue coat, my grandma, so as white pants, David Koma for topshop belt, bebaroque tights and carvela chunky boots)

(thrifted vest, toddler denim shirt from gap, and Miss Selfridges limited edition shoes)

p.s. can't say that what happening here lately is the optimal situation, but under the circumstances my blog stays abandoned all week long and get some attention from while to while on the weekends. but set aside your concerns, its ain't permanent and in a couple months you will hear me more, promise.


  1. You are so lucky!! I wish i had that much luck! Your tights are so cool! It looks like they have vertebrae on them!

  2. Those tights are so cool! I've never seen anything like that before.