everybody shake your boot-y

Busy days passes on our forces...but that won't keep me out of writing some new post! From here to there I found some time to spend here. But on another issue, some disturbing problem has discovered. since I bought on Friday my fringe lace-up boots i just couldn't take them off, ok, maybe for now its calm down a bit but for the first three days they were the only shoes I wore (ok, now when I'm writing it doesn't sound so much, but at the time it felt like it is!).

 With a touch of a housewife combined the whole outfit with a bow headband that was created from a piece of fabric that my grandma gave me and held with sequin earrings that used as buttons. The rest is an American apparel purple dress, Stradivarius leggings and A+ boots.

The next day it went with the whole country look. This outfit was built around my renovated skirt and the tights that I bought in Romania two years ago that to my surprise they were share a very similar pattern. The rest is a TFS black top, my grandma black belt and the A+ boots.


sheer happiness

Long time no be, I had already forgot how fulfilling the morning shopping hunt in Tel-Aviv is. just another sunny day purchases that ended with a lot of crushes and just a few chosen ones that had the honor of coming back with me.
This day had another eenie meenie tiny goal and that was finding some fabrics for a design that I had in mind. I hope to finish it real quick because it something that seat in my mind for a long time and now that I have the fabrics I want it to be already done! So I'm off to start work...

h&m lace top, Paul & Bear jacket. Stradivarius bag, white "boy school uniforms" trousers/black belt/sheer dot grey socks from grandma and floral extra flat converse   


oh snap

Treasure hunt is always fun especially if you do it at your own house. Most of the time this hunt leads to you seating desperate on the floor wondering how you going to arrange all this mess you've been doing in one week. But, sometimes god decides to forgive you and you find something that was worth all this chaos that has been created around you. And that's what happened to me. At list that what I thought happened to me.

You see, my main hobby in times of boredom is doing this exiting treasure hunt, it has a lot of satisfaction in it, even if you don't find anything at all. So as I approached the closet that seemed to have the most treasur -ish  potential I realized that it's not going to be easy (for illustration-imagine monica's secret closet) but something tiny like this isn't going to stop me! Step by step (you don't want to be Crushed alive from removing the wrong piece at the wrong time) I started rummage around. Surprisingly, after only two minutes, I found a vintage Canon witch turns out, was belong to my mom.
With a big smile on my face I took this oldie to the doctor (I mean I went to the camera store) and planed only to buy some films. The salesperson at the store kindly offered me some help with putting the films inside. As he opened the camera he looks at me and said the two deadly words "IT'S BROKEN" (and in my head it was like "noooo").
But you know what, its ok! because I just find out that there should be another camera stored somewhere in the house. So I'm off for my next hunt...

Someone I met on my way to the store-he is a serious hunter
jumper is stolen from my father, bag by Stradivarius and both skirt and buttoned shirt from my grandma
velvet Keds and a brooch that is actually an earring


a gust of wind just blow me away

Today I would like to introduce to you some Israeli designer called Naama Bezalel. Here in Israel she is a well known designer and there is a possibility that one of you have already heard about here, but for the one who doesn't ( and also for the ones who does) I am writing this "get to know with" post. From looking on Naama pieces over the years/collections you can see that her items are mostly characterized by simple and clean lines and that why I like her pieces so much. They have this classic but yet modern feeling. This peter pan collars and those flowing fabrics, I just love it all!
so for that you guys will have the opportunity to be impressed from Naama's enchanting winter 2010 collection here a sneak peek (that happened to include my favs)...


If you feel like wanting (badly) (or even not so badly) for more, do not fight it and visit Naama's site 


in outher words, hold my hand

Winter has finally started to show it signs!
As I open the window this morning, a gust of wind hit my face and it was not worm and dusty like every day since summer was supposed to end, it was cold and refreshing. Winter is finally here and I hope it's here to stay!

Some Alexander McQueen of 99 runway pic that just been waiting for the right time to show up.
Have a happy winter

p.s. just wanted to let you know that it made me really happy open my mailbox today and seeing all the comments that you've been left! Seriously it shows that I am not writing only to myself. Hoping for many more... 


and now story time

Once upon a time there was a dress...

And now- she's a skirt!

No, you are not hallucinating! I just decided that this dress has much more potential as a skirt, so why not change it into one. I took it to my sewing class and did this a makeover. Some stitches here some rubber there and VUALA I got new skirt. It's pretty fun to do those kind of alteration, you walk in with one thing and after one hour get out with something quite different. To be renewed without spending any penny, haa it feels great!

Dress that become a skirt was belong to my grandma, belt also, bracelet from old Jewelry collection, shirt and sandals from Zara 


the late night, double feature, picture show

After all this greyness I had an uncontrollable impulse to add that scream.
Once in a while you got to have something that will wake you up from the routine...


to be or not to be?! that's probably won't be the question!

I had a huge dilemma today (ok, huge not but a dilemma yes) about how should I wear this dress/ skirt. In fact that was the dilemma: wear it as a skirt or as a dress. Eventually I thought that dress will be better and so I left my house wearing a dress. But now, when I look at those pictures, I think that maybe the skirt is also a very good possibility, it gives the whole outfit a smell of the 50's...
 Next time it will be a skirt!
Although as a dress it gives the garment some lovely volume and a charming silhouette...
See (!!) this some piece of a dilemma! 

skirt/dress was given me as a ripped fabric and was transformed to a floral garment, shirt from Mango, belt from my grandma, jelly shoes from Barcelona and crystal earrings from urban outfitters. 


best of all times

As I set in front of the TV, in one of those moments that you just don't have the strength to do anything else except melting your brain with the zapping action, unintentionally I paused on this entertainment program which talked about Anna Wintour's favorite vogue cover of all times. I was surprised to see that the US Vogue of 1988 (Anna Wintour first cover as chief editor) with the Israeli model Michaela Bercu on its cover was her first pick.

This cover mark a new era in the fashion journalism that till then showed close-up portraits with heavy make-up. What I like about this cover was the fact that it was photographed after the end of shooting day when Michaela already changed to her own jeans and staid with this cross top (which, by the way, leads to lots of anger Comments, here in Israel) by Christian Lacroix and just kept fooling around in the streets with the photographer. It was not supposed to enter the issue, but Anna decided (I have to say, wisely) that this photo should not only appear inside this issue but also adorn its cover. I think that because those images were taken after shooting was done, they have this fun vibes that attract so much.
And all its left to say - good choice Anna!



*DING* it's ready!

If you only knew what is the temperature here (hint-if you are wet it will be only because of your sweat) (yes! its freakin' 33 degrees outside )(and if it's not enough there is also a hot & dry wind)(mercy!!)  you were probably laughing seeing me walking in the street like this. Butt I always keep my promises (ok maybe not always-but this time I do!), and as I said in this post, here are some photos of my last project in sewing class:

(now, when I am reading this last sentence to myself, in my head, it sounds like now should come some drums and a curtain that will rise up)

(or in other words-TAA DAA)

wearing my home made vest, h&m sleep, my grandma lace skirt, billabong top, roxy scarf and keds velvet shoes
So what do you think?! Do I have a future??


i see lots of dots

Perforated pink shirt from my grandma, Levi's denim thrifted from Thailand, vintage belt-a gift from a family friend, jacket from urban outfitters, socks were found in the socks basket and shoes are originally from Paul & Bear but have been renovated by me.
 I tried to build this outfit around the contrast that has been created between the jacket and socks between the black dots and the white dots. This reminds me, in some way, the Yin and yang. Oppositeness that complete each other (that sounds so philosophical and not like me at all
 kaleidoscope earrings from plazma, "one fakepearl" necklace-my own creation, "lotsofpearls" necklace from my grandma