to be or not to be?! that's probably won't be the question!

I had a huge dilemma today (ok, huge not but a dilemma yes) about how should I wear this dress/ skirt. In fact that was the dilemma: wear it as a skirt or as a dress. Eventually I thought that dress will be better and so I left my house wearing a dress. But now, when I look at those pictures, I think that maybe the skirt is also a very good possibility, it gives the whole outfit a smell of the 50's...
 Next time it will be a skirt!
Although as a dress it gives the garment some lovely volume and a charming silhouette...
See (!!) this some piece of a dilemma! 

skirt/dress was given me as a ripped fabric and was transformed to a floral garment, shirt from Mango, belt from my grandma, jelly shoes from Barcelona and crystal earrings from urban outfitters. 

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