everybody shake your boot-y

Busy days passes on our forces...but that won't keep me out of writing some new post! From here to there I found some time to spend here. But on another issue, some disturbing problem has discovered. since I bought on Friday my fringe lace-up boots i just couldn't take them off, ok, maybe for now its calm down a bit but for the first three days they were the only shoes I wore (ok, now when I'm writing it doesn't sound so much, but at the time it felt like it is!).

 With a touch of a housewife combined the whole outfit with a bow headband that was created from a piece of fabric that my grandma gave me and held with sequin earrings that used as buttons. The rest is an American apparel purple dress, Stradivarius leggings and A+ boots.

The next day it went with the whole country look. This outfit was built around my renovated skirt and the tights that I bought in Romania two years ago that to my surprise they were share a very similar pattern. The rest is a TFS black top, my grandma black belt and the A+ boots.


  1. cute...love the headbow.