*DING* it's ready!

If you only knew what is the temperature here (hint-if you are wet it will be only because of your sweat) (yes! its freakin' 33 degrees outside )(and if it's not enough there is also a hot & dry wind)(mercy!!)  you were probably laughing seeing me walking in the street like this. Butt I always keep my promises (ok maybe not always-but this time I do!), and as I said in this post, here are some photos of my last project in sewing class:

(now, when I am reading this last sentence to myself, in my head, it sounds like now should come some drums and a curtain that will rise up)

(or in other words-TAA DAA)

wearing my home made vest, h&m sleep, my grandma lace skirt, billabong top, roxy scarf and keds velvet shoes
So what do you think?! Do I have a future??


  1. Wow you sew this yourself! I wish I had sewing lessons as well

    Keep it up =)

  2. great post! adorable blog!