just KANE get enough

I might be in kind of a delay but I just been exposed to this great resort collection by Christopher Kane. After an intensive investigation I decided that I just in LOVE with Christopher Kane resort collections with a mark on the 2011 resort collection. I think that I have a weakness for garments with cosmic vibes, I just love those prints so much! If I had to choose one thing that I can take from this collection (sounds unrealistic, i know, but let me dream!) it probably would be this purple cosmic wide skirt

And here some more favorites from the collection

 One thing that I did not liked in this collection and I think did not fit together with the rest, was this pompon "look like slippers" pumps that were transmitted on a different wave than the rest of the collection. The colors matched but if they just were without this pompon fur, it was much better.

But all of this is my opinion and I really want to know what you, my dear fellows, think
Comments are more than welcome!

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  1. christoper's are look so wonderful,, isn't it??
    and nice posts!!! you have :)))


  2. i agree! he is one of the best.
    and thanks :)

  3. I really love all of those space prints! They're so romantic yet futuristic at once. A great collection! And I agree about those pompoms...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'd love it if you come back soon :D


  4. Woow! I want nebula patterns on everything i have now!