best of all times

As I set in front of the TV, in one of those moments that you just don't have the strength to do anything else except melting your brain with the zapping action, unintentionally I paused on this entertainment program which talked about Anna Wintour's favorite vogue cover of all times. I was surprised to see that the US Vogue of 1988 (Anna Wintour first cover as chief editor) with the Israeli model Michaela Bercu on its cover was her first pick.

This cover mark a new era in the fashion journalism that till then showed close-up portraits with heavy make-up. What I like about this cover was the fact that it was photographed after the end of shooting day when Michaela already changed to her own jeans and staid with this cross top (which, by the way, leads to lots of anger Comments, here in Israel) by Christian Lacroix and just kept fooling around in the streets with the photographer. It was not supposed to enter the issue, but Anna decided (I have to say, wisely) that this photo should not only appear inside this issue but also adorn its cover. I think that because those images were taken after shooting was done, they have this fun vibes that attract so much.
And all its left to say - good choice Anna!



  1. That shot was really great.
    I understand that she picked-
    it, there is always something-
    special with the first time you-
    do, aka. are a part of something.
    It is a rather fun photograph-
    and you can clearly see that-
    she is comfortable and relaxed-
    and not all high fashion/stiff pose-ish.

  2. i love the top!!! amazing cover!!!