oh snap

Treasure hunt is always fun especially if you do it at your own house. Most of the time this hunt leads to you seating desperate on the floor wondering how you going to arrange all this mess you've been doing in one week. But, sometimes god decides to forgive you and you find something that was worth all this chaos that has been created around you. And that's what happened to me. At list that what I thought happened to me.

You see, my main hobby in times of boredom is doing this exiting treasure hunt, it has a lot of satisfaction in it, even if you don't find anything at all. So as I approached the closet that seemed to have the most treasur -ish  potential I realized that it's not going to be easy (for illustration-imagine monica's secret closet) but something tiny like this isn't going to stop me! Step by step (you don't want to be Crushed alive from removing the wrong piece at the wrong time) I started rummage around. Surprisingly, after only two minutes, I found a vintage Canon witch turns out, was belong to my mom.
With a big smile on my face I took this oldie to the doctor (I mean I went to the camera store) and planed only to buy some films. The salesperson at the store kindly offered me some help with putting the films inside. As he opened the camera he looks at me and said the two deadly words "IT'S BROKEN" (and in my head it was like "noooo").
But you know what, its ok! because I just find out that there should be another camera stored somewhere in the house. So I'm off for my next hunt...

Someone I met on my way to the store-he is a serious hunter
jumper is stolen from my father, bag by Stradivarius and both skirt and buttoned shirt from my grandma
velvet Keds and a brooch that is actually an earring

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