Apparently, purchasing the David Koma for TopShop belt became an object to laugh about by my mother and my sister (with a cooperation on my part. self humor. good to use it from while to while) that from now on I will be delayed in every security check when I'm wearing what seem to look like a bullets belt. even my grandpa got all interest in my outfit (which is not such an usual event) asking me all those handyman's questions like what kind of metal was used for my belt and so.

On one typical Israeli winter day (sunny, bright and dry), wearing my light blue tights (which gave me the look of a person who suffer from hypothermia. so no, it's just the tights. I'm fine thank you)and my brother denim button shirt, that he used to wear on his third year to life, or something close to that (the sleeves are not sophisticatedly designed as half sleeves) and armed with my equipped belt I went to hit the anemones filled. So maybe it's not the most appropriate accessorize to a filled trip but in my defiance I would say that it was a spontaneous stop on our way back from Tel Aviv and I think that I covered on this nature misfit belt with my nature friend flower backpack. 

(This time I left my house wearing a gap toddler denim button shirt, H&M white dress, light blue tights from a family friend, Miss Selfridge limited edition shoes, David Koma for TopShop belt and TFS flower bag)


  1. very cute bad! that belt is lovely!! :0 good vibes &blessings!

  2. !!!
    I love your outfit! I like the way you paired the bag and shirt together! I am totally getting spring vibes from this

  3. אהבתי מאוד את הפוסט ואת מה שלבשת. בכלל החולצה עם החגורה והגרביונים מהמם!
    אני חושבת שהבלוג שלך הוא הבלוג הישראלי שאני הכי אוהבת כרגע. תמיד יצירתי ומפתיע.
    תמשיכי כך! נשיקות מניו-יורק.

  4. OHHHHH MYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I cannot get over your bag. IT IS INCREDIBLE. Ahhh. I'm actually plotting ways in which I can steal it from you. I'd watch out. I'm pretty vicious. And intimidating. Like, you know, BAM I'M COMING TO GET YOU (slash your bag).

    Also, your header is adorable!