string and needle

It's been a while since I have shown some sewing lessons life signs on my slightly graying page. so I think its a good time to stop this clinical death, rub the electric shock and bring them back to life (I predict to someone here a medical career?! god no!). don't even let this thought to cross your mind, I never intend to stop sewing and I will never do so, just that apparently button shirts has all this strict rules to how you need to sew them. So the project that I thought will be finished after two lessons (naive ye ye) turned into a month and a half (which means six lessons) of work. but weird thing happened and not as usual that till I finish to sew I already can't be in its presence, this time I sends it looks every time it nearby (I'm flirting with the shirt, I'm a shirt teaser)  and don’t forget that I had the longest time to starting hate it). Maybe it's because it can go with everything, every color and in every variation (on something, underneath, open, closed, tied and yada yada the list can go on and on...)   
(Ann Sofie back for TopShop stripe shirt, my grandma old swimsuit worn as skirt, swan clothing sock garters, Carvela chunky ankle boots and Asos cat eye shades)

Second thing I did was no sewing class related, just one of my clothing upgrades that i love doing on boredom moments (apparently the time of appearance of all my ideas). My grandma gave me this purple button shirt and I had a recurring problem every time I approached the shirt of how to attach it to some outfit. Apparently the problem was my luck of enthusiasm from this plain shirt because since I attached those beads (that everybody think theme to necklace and surprised when it's not come out when they pull it. so I will use this platform to say, stop ruin my shirt!) I left the house wearing it a couple of times (complete with the outfit I assembled).

(Baby pink princes dress from some market in Barcelona area, my homemade pompon and Miss Selfridge limited edition shoes)


    I sew too, not as much as I use to but yes I do!
    and that pompom is AMAZING
    you should make a DYI post showing how to do that because you can tickle me impressed!


  2. I love your outfits esp the 2nd one the floaty skirt and shirt combo is a great match - adorable.


  3. Nice! Love both the outfits! Very creative and cool

  4. Two beautiful outfits in one post! I really, really wish I could sew but alas it has never happened for me, I'm far too clumsy and I would just end up with an injury!