the employee of the month

Let's just start with the fact that I'm not that patient. And why this little piece of information meters to you?! Well, it's not, but I had a really strong need to express my feelings about the preparing that stands behind this post. As you know (or if you're a new reader first HI! and second I will tell you that...) I am working in a very boring job, or should I say WAS working in a very boring job. nope, the job hasn't got interesting, just faxing/coping/scanning/answering/delivering as always butt the 'working' part did pretty changed due to the fact that it doesn't actual anymore. Yes, I resigned. The end of the "getting up early morning" days has finely arrived! And now I can return to my inviting couch and start being a potato.

 but if we return for a minute to the working part again, I don't know if you have noticed that during this two month working period my blog had missed some outfit posts (beside the fact that it been lucking in general) and you ask why did it happened?! I mean, the lady (I) has been working for two whole month and I'm sure she (I) doesn't go to work on her (my) pajamas... well I'm not, but I decided that a big well stuffed post that in some way will summarize this period will be better than post here and post there. The reason I opened with luck of patience confession was because it was extremely hard to see all those post potential outfits photos laying in some yellow boring folder without let them show what they got, but I knew that eventually it will pay off. Am I right?? So are you ready?! Prepare yourself for a massive outfit's explosion....
The grey shirt is from some urban market we have here twice a year and I don't remember the label and there isn't a hint ticket inside (my bad...) anyhow, flower-ish top from hollister, tnt denim, my mom knit jacket and Zara fringe ankle boots.

Zara white blouse, red plaid pants that were either my mom or my uncle (as children), urban outfitters flats and eaten apple necklace.

I think that this blue sweater was knit many years ago to my sister or brother by our nanny, white buttoned up shirt I have since sixth grade, vintage earrings used as brooches, Levis denim from JJ market in Bangkok and Keds velvet shoes

My dad denim buttoned shirt, scarf from nowhere, my x-scouts pants and Rupa pacman socks

Black sweater from some Romanian market in Bucharest, green flowered vest underneath from my grandma, black belt from the other grandma, vintage earrings and Fornarina moccasin

Zara cape, thrifted sweater, crochet white dress that belonged to my mom, white belt from some dress that my grandma gave me, tape necklace and united nude flats

Polka dot shirt from grandma, red striped tights from a family friend and gap (very old) flats.

Urban outfitters purple shirt, atmosphere polka dot dress, my grandma light blue fur coat, Stradivarius tights, earrings made out of vintage beads and A+ boots

Benetton turquoise top, blue dog crochet jacket, Zara stripe pants and vintage fake diamond necklace

Zara buttoned shirt and ruined boots (I have them for too long, but I'm not so good at farewells), the vest is my creation and Roxy scarf.

top was belong to a friend of my sister, jacket from my grandma, mango brown belt, and grey strings scarf borrowed from my mom 

American apparel violet dress, grandma polka dot blouse and Zara boots

All Zara (feels too common and it's not a hoot!) and "many many" flowers bag (witch I turned in to backpack) that I got to my birthday.

comme il feut stripe shirt, vintage chain necklace, the scarf from nowhere and  the A+ boots

hollister blue plaid shirt, thrifted "remember me" vest, another x-scout pants, H&M grey scarf and hair bow with something that looks like a satellite dish on it (that at first was designed to be a pompon but I liked it better like this. oh yes, forgot to mention, I made it)

and last but not least ( for the far future) an outfit that hold toy chair hang shades tunic, levis denim, gap round scarf and flats and American apparel two tone tights

Wow that was like some blogger-ish challenge, like if you pass this long post you're ready for any scenario (bring it!).

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  1. I love all of these outfits! I can't decide which is my favorite! The granny collar is superb! I really love collars. Your style is really fun to look at, quirky, colorful, well I just really like it!