it's a UFO case

The heavy machines are all laid down and once again Paris became for one week the center of the world (or maybe I should say the universe?! nah I'm over reacting... no I'm not. the universe it is.) cause as you know, the houte couture shows for spring 11 has been set out which made my lower lip go down and down (and hit the table somewhere between Armani and Chanel...). I thought that as befits to a blog who discuss the utmost importance of fashion, mention this milestone event is kind of necessary. My first idea was talking about it by the chronological time method (b-o-r-i-n-g + I'm too tired from work) than I thought maybe do it by favorites order (less boring but still... too tired from work) and than I came up with this...
 An ode to this:
Yes, I admit, there was something inspiring in those futuristic, look like backstage liquid explosion (on the way too much good way of course), runway looks. My hands simply couldn't stay quiet in front of these Philip Treacy spaceship hats. Together with the generous help of the brain, they (by "they" I mean hands and brain. I really should stop anthropomorphize my body parts) create my own Armani couture plate hat. Wants one too?! Just follow those easy breezy steps:

1. Make a Chinese hat from A4 paper piece like you did in kindergarten
2. Wrap it with an aluminum foil
3. Paint it with a metallic acrylic color (purple and blue will give the best effect)
4. Attach a rubber band under

Evualá, you have space station on your had (delight!)


  1. Hello, thanks for your comment...I'm loving your blog...is different from the others I follow, is about fashion but at same time is fun and unusual ;)



  2. Great post, like it :)