its ok, I got my winter mood

In a world where the pre fall collections of this year are already has been shown to the crowed I think I might be in some serious delay! But I don't let this situation freak me out, every person and his own progression (which in my case the progression moving like a real fat turtle with broken legs and brain injury). So after we settled everything lets all together do refresh (DONT push the refresh button for real! come on, use your imagination) and start all over again.
I have to say that I'm amazed every time how my outfit reflects on my thoughts and feelings. Only after I shout those photos and looked at them when uploading to my pc i reached to the unequivocal conclusion that winter is here. I think the combination between all those winter-ish ingredients (the gloomy and chill that popping out from the second pics collection, the fur that makes you want to snuggle, this "see through" umbrella and it can goes on and on) that led me to these rainy thoughts.

Fur coat that my grandma bought in Germany, pants also from my grandma, purple top from urban outfitters, fuchsia tights from American apparel with sheer white tights on them, gap flats, mango belt and I kick shins atomic turquoise hair extensions

Wearing flower kimono from China, basic stripes t from gap, plaid tights that are gift from family friends, clear flats from Barcelona and holding Sout Africa's Woolworth umbrella   
With your permission I'll now leave to the hearth.


  1. cute outfits!! :) the first outfit works so well with the purple and purple!!

    thanks for your lovely comment :)



  2. I love the blue hair! Thanks for commenting and following my blog! I as well am curious to see more from you :-) I will follow.

  3. that is such a good idea to wrap the blue hair around your bun! i have so many loose colored hair extensions that i really don't know what to do with them. thanks for the inspiration!