it might be your last feast

Sounds ominous when I read the headline all over again, but just couldn't find more fitting line than this one right above.  Well, I will start to explain myself with a short nostalgic story (Now everybody do a gentle circle neck move to the right, you know, because it's the flashback side...) . Back than in the days when I was very little (not just little like now days) I had a book that showed all the living creatures on earth. I don't remember most of its contents (except from the lutras part that I remember myself graving for one that will swim in a pool that I will build in my room) but there was one very (very) remarkable page that I remember clearly, the one with all kinds of cockroaches. I remember myself asking from someone else to page for me because of the chill that came when I just thought about touching it. If you got this far at what sounds like part of my upcoming biography first i applaud you and second I will encourage you by saying that it wasn't for nothing. The reason I'm telling you this story from my not so far childhood (I mean, I'm only nineteen) is because of this foldedpigs cup and plate that I met on etsy.
First thing that cross my mind when saw them was this harsh flashback of me meeting these unforgettable "crawling insects" page. In this point you probably think to yourself why am I devoting such a tremendous post airtime to this pointless story. Well I tell you why. After I saw those two spine-tingling items it scratched my curiosity cell and that led me to have a look at rest of the store where I actually found more "eatable from" dishes (for my opinion at least) and pretty witty too (just got what I was writing, pretty witty pretty witty pretty witty pretty witty, ok I'll stop).
Well I don't mind to eat my heart out with those, so bone appétit!

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  1. Wow, those are some very interesting plates! You always surprise me with your amazing and unique style!!