when that's not it

H&M red bow, Hanes white T, thrifted sparkly blue top, floral red skirt from some department store in South Africa, Rupa net blue tights and united nude grey flats.
I have a problem and I think it's the right time to put all of it on the table. Being honest is sometimes hard and doesn't always feel like the right thing at the moment but in retrospect it can do only good. So, I'm gonna spill it. I... am ...a... onetimeclothsgirl. Yes, yes you have red it alright (or in case you haven't understand I will repeat it more slowly, an o-n-e t-i-m-e c-l-o-t-h-s g-i-r-l) I have some enormous problem wearing the same cloths for the same population. And don't think that it comes from a spoiled bad habit, because I think it doesn't, it's just something unconscious like some rejection vibe from the garment. I know it's a bad habit and i know it should stop but unfortunately it's stronger than me. And how for heaven's sake this guilty plea relates to those innocent photos? Well, those photos represent a classic case of "not feeling it" outfit (I don't know why, but "not feeling it" constantly associated to me with spirit fingers, I'm weird, i know). This time it might be the white T that I wear under too many summer tops, that succeed in destroying all.
My conclusion from this whole thoughtful post is that i need to do a clean off to my closet to make a room for some new friends...


  1. I love your tights, sweater, skirt and your whole outfit!! You are so pretty! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Sorry it took me so long to respond! I took a bit of a break.

  2. I love the subtle pattern play in this look! It's really understated while still being interesting and fresh.

    I often feel weird about wearing clothes twice for the same audience, too, but nothing helps me get over it as well as just wearing the same piece over and over. It sort of takes away that aura of power/mystery/specialness and also gets me used to how best to style it.