when draft comes alive

My last (but definitely not least) creation in sewing class is finally ready! It is such a relief mixed with satisfaction kind of feeling when finishing every sewing project.
What starts as a draft while having some boring moments at work (yes, the fashionary isn't just sitting on the top shelf in my room)

 came out to this. dont know why i look so disapointed, one thing is for sure, it wasnt becouse of the pants that i actually cant take my eyes of them (!!) 
 At first I thought wearing it with this no name denim dress, irregular choice sneakers, some improvised jacket made out of black scarf and thrifted silver chain necklace. But although it looked pretty fine by me (and I loved how the colors of the close-up photo came out) it was a bit uncomfortable (it was squeezing in the waist and too short for the cold weather that ran outside and yada yada bla bla bla). And I know that some will say that for beauty you need to sacrifice your comfo but I don't care. So I changed in to plan B 

Which was much more comfortable! So if everyone were happy I was ready to hit the town (or bring some onions for my mother soup-always have to be so petty) wearing my mom jacket and Zara white shirt.

For the record I think that I could get more classic look wearing something  like those black oxfords that were belong to my brother when he just learn how to walk (Wiping a "memories from the past" tear from the side of my left eye. or not).
If they only were ten times bigger (or I was a ten times smaller?! Nah...)


  1. Hello.

    oh,I love those pants with your green shoes!I mean it,really nice:)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog:)
    I just found your blog, and am now so happy! Your work is truly my fav!

  3. Anonymous13/1/11 21:02

    fantastic work! u should be very pleased. Isn't it exciting when you make something you can actually wear instead of just something only a 6 foot model can wear xxx congrats

  4. Thanks so much for your super nice comment! :) Your shoes here are freakin' awesome, and I love the zipper detail on the pants. Plaid pants always remind me of Archie, but that can be fun!