let the new year begin

I think that this weekend should be a sample of all the weekends in the New Year that just has started. Just having a good time with good friends! Don't think that my NYE celebration was some kind of an extravaganza, cause it wasn't. But still I had a great time. everything started when my friend told me that she won some tickets to a show of some Israeli band that her glory days were way back in the 90's but we didn't mind because we had a free tickets and who sais NO to free gifts ?! (Not us!). it was not long before we found ourselves in a dark club with a very deceptive name (the Barbie) that the average age there was a beat much more than ours (that if i will had to describe it somehow I will quote Gwyneth and say "top forties sweetcheeks"). But we don't let anything to mess our fun and although we haven't got familiar with most of the songs the finale was worth it all. And the encore (familiar songs combine with lots of confetti falling from the ceiling is all we need).

The day after we continue on with some fulfilling shopping or if I be more specific I would say window shopping, cause if you buy without having money I'm pretty sure it calls stilling which we don't. But although the money absence thing my credit card didn't disappoint me and I ended up purchasing a Rupa pacman pair of socks. Rupa patterns are so unique and creative that I can't stop myself from buying one (or three) pairs every time that new collection comes to stores. I already have three pairs of tights and two pairs of socks (not including new one). I think I'm addicted... 

Wearing a jeans button shirt from my dad, belt from my grandma, jacket from my mom (Hallo family!), two tone tights from American Apparel, flats from Urban Outfitters and Rupa socks
Oh, and HNY guys!


  1. וואו הגרביים האלה הורסות.
    אהבתי מאוד את האווטפיט :)

  2. oh my goodness - PAC MAN SOCKS!!! Those are amazing!

  3. i love your socks soo sooo much!