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In my office, every day that someone doesn't show up I get the honor of sitting in the empty chair. An empty chair means a spare computer and a spare computer means browse all day long. Since everything is pretty much locked there (because of security and yada yada) I had to find alternative to some of the things, one of them was start see what can I find on etsy when i get board (yes, I confess, I fell for the etsy). I found myself every day come back home with a list of something like gazillion stores that I want to put on my favorites. After collecting a fair number of stores I've deiced to pass my very valuable knowledge to you. Presenting my picks from the lists.

I will start with Someday New Yorker. Actually, Should I say more than those photos?! I think they speak for themselves. I mean come on! Pompons?! What can I ask for more? I think that everything I will say on those pieces will just mess this continuous happiness that comes with one glance at those pics. I mean the skirt's sides! And the shoulder of this shirt!! Ok I will shut my mouth (or my typing hands) right now. Just stare and enjoy.
I believe that leggings have the power to upgrade every piece. Really it works like a magic. For example take those Qoo Qoo Fashion leggings, I love it how the prints are like modern art on your leg. If you take the farthest right pic, these combination between those two, very different, kind of prints giving the piece a futuristic on the artistic (sounds so poetic) kind of look. Wearing those will insure an immediate upgrade.   
I think this store name really reflect it substance. When I entered I Heart Norwegian Wood everything marched the first thought that came from reading its name. every garment transmitted nature vibe, if it with the soil colors that rules there, the simplicity of the cloths texture or just the use of natural materials in some of the pieces (like fathers). Feels pretty earthy...  
Emily Ryan garments are not all like these three examples I brought you here. but those ones caught my attention due to the fact that they has the feeling of an everyday piece (maybe its because of the tricot fabric that have been used in every one of them) but get a twist with the finish that been done on them (the emphasizing of the edge lines and the pattern creation without add any other material, just the fabric that used you as the base for those pieces)
Geometric shapes in strong and bold colors are the safe recipe to captivate my heart. How lucky I am to find Ruffeo Hearts Lil'snotty (ha, I need a breathing brake, it's a one long name!) that provided the lust of my eyes.

On the accessories zone I reached to lots of stores. I picked mine top three, although it was pretty hard because I love them all (after all they all on my favorites). First it will be Tsuru Bride who bring the whild under your arm. Let's do some simulation, just close your eyes and imagine everything I'm going to write. Think of a standard on the boredom outfit, which means a white t with worn denim anddd flops (told you it's boring). You probably on your seventh dream because of all the boredom that float here for a second. But now think of all of it with these little creatures on the side, what an addition! Ha?!
I don't think that I need to add something on Maranon, I already said what I think about
colorful geometric shapes. Now instead of cloths it comes on earrings, necklaces and all their friends.
 If you visit Yokoo store you will see that knit stuffs is THE THING over there. It has also huge beads necklaces brand t-shirts but main thing - wool, and lots of it! I think that the designer lead concept was to oversize everything she had on mind. Like if she thought "let's do scarf" she doubled (or if we judge by the photo-tripled) her thoughts, same for gigantic chain necklace and etc. for the record I will say that I don't have any problem with that at all! In fact I like it when the cloths are taking over me.
I think for one post it's more than enough (plus, i need some sleep. now). but remember, I mentioned here a very tiny part from this extraordinary site. If you feel like having some free time (yes, you need to reorganize your schedule for this thing) go online and start making your own list of favorite stores. But you must be aware, It's addictive (don't think it will be like "let's check for a sec what's new and continue on", na ah!) but still...


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  1. OMG the clutches are AWESOMENESS! XD
    I love the leggings too but I don't have such straight legs to carry the pattern so I prefer the clutches!

    Good job I love this post! ^v^