not nature's way

 Let's say I'm kind of a foreign element in my work. They just not used to see this kind of sights, with all the mixing prints and colors they never thought can fit together. The people in my work are a bit more solid. But I like it that I bring something fresh. on this specific day I wore a cardigan that belongs to my sister, a red dot shirt that was used my mother in her Minnie Mouse costume many years ago (when she was five, or something like that), Pola Raxa grey leopard leggings (although I'm not a big fan of the leopard print, I find something different in those), my grandma belt and my new shoes that if you just continue on ridding you will know exactly where I got them from. 

 To my sawing class I support the "live on the edge" way and let myself wear more extreme combinations. this time went with red striped tights a gift from a family friend, gold striped skirt that used to be a bathing suit, T from Hanes with watermelon and diamond earrings using as brooches on it, a gramophone record bag I bought in cape town and shoes that you are really close to know all about them.
 So those are my new irregular choice honeys. In the minute I saw them in the store I just had this feeling that I'm gonna leave with them. Not only that the sells woman told they are on sale, she also said that I can get an EXTRA discount with the member card. Can't you see?! There was no way out from this trap, I just had to buy them. So I did. And I'm happy.
 …and one last thing. Yesterday I got from the very far away, Hong Kong, this fashionary. It all start when I saw it on Suzie bubble blog and thought that I got to have one like this for myself! You probably wonder what is so special about this little black notebook, well, it's like haven for all those fashion Interested people. it has everything starting from the names of all the brands in the world, list of books that are about fashion related subjects (including blogs), when fashionweek is about to be in every city it usually present and the best thing about it is the fact that it has lots of information and tools for all the future to be fashion designers: samples for shirts, pants, dresses, hats and the list goes on, measurements, many blank pages for your own thoughts and designs etc etc. Really. Heaven. (Sorry for being so exited and like a commercial for this little thing, but I just love it!)


  1. OMG ! where I can buy this " fashiondiary" ?:)
    and great bag and shoes !
    nice blog!

  2. If you click on the link of the word "fashionary" it will take you to the fashionary site and you can order it there...
    And thanks! :)

  3. You kinda remind me of Peggy Bundy in the first outfit, she always wore colorful, housewife kinda clothes.
    I really like your new shoes!

  4. your shoes are incredibly beautiful

  5. hey! You've been following my blog and i've never been able to find urs until now!! phew!!!! I love ur blog and love ur header - the little tongue is really cute!
    completely love the record bag and cute shoes!! I'm waiting for my little cute bag in the shape of a face for christmas and can't wait!! also really liked ur post "let it folk" the first two images are really inspiring.