wind it up yodelay yodeloh

It all begun from a "boredom result" idea, some random fabrics and buttons and my own aspiration. A few weeks ago my brain decided to work overtime and I came out with the idea of making some sheer floating skirt, but the problem was that I didn't know how.  ok, not exactly that I didn't know how but the fact that I had too many ideas was a bit problematic (to put this ovetr there  and maybe this on the top but it looks better like over there etc. etc.). The other day at the coffee shop (while gulping some pretty good hot cider, I have to say) I had a revelation and just knew it should been done this way. The day after I already had the fabrics and after a week it was readytowear. And here is the result...
I think that I got inspired from all those sheer fabrics vibes that hover out there. I believe that it was something unconscious that leads me to this idea, Maybe the result of surfing the web for fashion inspirations like risto, comme des garcons of last year, some of the outfits on the web and many (many) other goods.

Metallic blue converse from china, socks from some department store, T from Hanes and grey sparkle tights from Paul and Bear

I don't know if you can tell from the pics but today the real thing has finally arrive. It was stormy and rain all day and the thing that really symbolized the first day of a real winter was the act of lighting the fireplace and hosting the traditional winter cholent lunch (I really love those Saturdays...)