through the glass with plaid and flip

 White crochet dress belonged to my mother, black belt and bead purse from my grandma and white shell earring from the vintage market
This glass pendant was found when I was at the market a few days ago. I saw a stall with a gazillion beads and outer pendants and immediately skipped over there. The beauty in this kind of thing is to find some treasures out of all the junk. 

 Lemon sheer top-thrifted and denim skirt from urban outfitters
This plaid tights was given me as a present from my mother friends and the sandal has been recognized while driving downtown of the city (of course that we immediately parked the car and jumped at the bargain that by the way cost only 10 dollars).


  1. Really pretty outfits!
    What program do you use to make the photos like that?

  2. dooshi i liked your tights!!!

  3. Adnan - thanks! And it simple than you think. Just using the 'word' editing copied to 'paint' and save it...

    Michi - thanks!!I wonder why ;)