excuse me mr, is this your stripes baloon?

Last visit to my grandparents' house got me with this striped trousers that in fact were belong to my mother around her twenties. Although that was not supposed to be the thing that will knock you off your chair, but the fact that this pants from H&M sure do. Maybe I'm the only one who gets exited from this fact but man I have vintage H&M who thought these two words could be next to each other in our days (I feel like someone from the future...).
But back to ours, I thought that a splash of colors will be the right thing for this monochrome-ish outfit, so a vintage belt from a family friend, necklace from my cousins and necklace by G jarvis jewelry etc is the things that will do only good.

Watching Xmas-the glee way and reading all of the other bloggers Xmas posts really got me in these holiday vibes. Although I'm not celebrate this holiday, there is one thing that I like about it and that thing will be its spirit, always makes me happy. so as I mentioned, maybe I'm not celebrate, but presents are more than welcome and what is a more perfect timing to get both of the I heart geek and the pink pony necklaces that I ordered on G jarvis jewelry etc than today?!


  1. the pants are brilliant! such a great pattern and you wear it really well xx

  2. who is that great family friend i want one too

  3. I love this outfit it is amazing can i steal your pants they are amazing!

  4. oh my god i love those!!!!
    i want i want i want!