couture gone wild

Last weekend I spent some really good time at the museum. Maybe its sounds a bit nerdy and all but I enjoyed this visit a lot! (Ok, not help on fixing the nerd image, eh...) I was at the design museum of Holon, visiting the Mechanical Couture exhibition. This fascinating exhibition presents the projects of a 20 fashion designers from around the globe, which has decided to give the machine a major place in their garments. Every designer expressed it in a different way, some has used the machine as their inspirations, some did a cooperative work with the machine and some made the machine part of the garment. I took lots of photos over there (until my camera was screaming desperately for charging) and put down here a prĂ©cis with the remarkable ones
One of the first was Ying Gao a birth born Chinese who lives and works from Canada. Her garments are equipped with tiny and pretty not visible (I haven't saw them) sensors that has sensitivity for different irritations like breathing, light and body temperature, and following to them they change their shape (expand, swell etc).   

Cedric Flazinski took what many of the companies do to a whole different level. Every company wants to adapt herself to the customer needs and so as Cedric. But not like the others, Cedric made a personality test that in the end of the process you will get a shoe that not made by you but based on you (I wanted to create my own based personality shoe but the line was too long, so I passed it...)

Dai Fujiwara for ISSEY MIYAKE (a Japanese designer) has created a collection that made out of cooperation with the Dyson Company (that among others produced also vacuum cleaner) 

 A really cool display was Alyce Santoro pieces. She used old cassette spools to produced fabrics and has created the garments from them. The most awesome thing about these pieces is the fact that with a special device you can make sounds out of them. How awesome is that! To go with a musical garment! (You can be like a human iPod)
 Using 3D computer software Marloes ten Bhomer is able to create a shoe using only one matter. The software permit to upload the design and by that to calculate the quantity that we need from the material and how much it will cost. These specific pumps are pretty nice i love the bionic look that the material and the cut are giving them. 


  1. Wow! It must've been really awesome to actually be there. Cedric Flazinski shoes are probably one of the most strange (in a positive way) that I've ever seen. And I doubt that anyone can multiply minimalism and fashion like Mr. Ying Gao!
    And Dooshi... Nerdyness FTW!!

  2. hehe you go adnan! :)