The Good, the Bad and the beauty

I have good news and bad news. With what do you want me to start? Ok, don't answer, because there is only one logical way to tell it. so good news are that rodarte x opening ceremony has launched, spreading a general vibe of an antique upholstery (yayy), but bad news are that it doesn't meter because they are still unreachable (nayy) (for me at least and I'm sure that for all the other simple people that usually don't sleep with 300$ worth pajama pants).

Items that unfortunately won't reach my closet...


I still love you rodarte

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  1. i love how they used fabrics more common for upholstery in the outfits. its very nice, and since i cant afford it ill probably make is :P

    thank you for your comment, i like your blog, im following!