it's a simple layerlogy

If you think about it really hard I think you can also find lots of calculations (even if some of them were made unconscious) behind your attempts of wearing the layer outfit. If not (first, stop lying! and second), once again, it's just me. Here, I will play the live example with a crochet white dress that placed on a flowered urban outfitters longer dress. The upper layer, the crochet dress, could have been a sealed layer, without to imply to how this story is going to end. But those little windows that made out of the delicate crochet work permit to predict or speculate what in the end will became clear, the lower layer.

Step two will be to decide what will adorn underneath all. It can be some leggings, maybe tights or even nothing at all. But I decide to go for the pants. And you ask what is the connection between the dress(es) and the pants?! Well its simple, the pants will induce a sense of not fancy vibe. A mix between the formal and the daily will create an everyday-ish integration. 

Almost before the layer outfit creation will come to an end, let us not forget the foots and it's not a layers outfit without some open shoes with socks. I wore my united nude open flats with gap socks for example. The last touch will come from the accessorizing zone. They are the ones that will give purpose to the pile of cloths that created on you. A piece of jewel to let it bling, a brooch, some handbag/backpack or like I did, a belt that will give a hint to your body figure that hiding somewhere behind this stack.  

p.s sorry for the awful indoor shots. It was raining all day and I thought it's not so good idea to go outside, get wet and snatch Flu...

I told you so... it's a simple layerlogy!


  1. עכשיו גיליתי את הבלוג בזכות "חמש שקל" . את מתלבשת מהמם!!! ממש!!!

    איזה כייף, עכשיו אעקוב אחרייך.

    איזה טוב טעם.


  2. layerology is fun! i wish it was a real subject at school, because i would totally ace it! so would you, i really like the layering you did with your outfit. check out my blog i think you'll like it! :)

    check me out!


  3. ענבל: ממש תודה! תמיד נחמד לשמוע :)

    Paolina: Thanks a lot! I will definitely check your blog :)

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  5. thanks for your comment at meeee blog....as you have noticed i am indeed also a victim of the addictive pull of layerology! nice post, i enjoyed it..especially the kenzo collection, not seen that one before

    cheers, come visit again