It's the end of an era. But the start of a new one.

Yes, I know what you think, she made such a buzz in her last post for her big and upcoming comeback and then- nothing. I have all the excuses in the world (I started a new job, I was on a vacation, my dog ate the homework and so) but the truth will be a combination between two main things. the first will be my laziness, yes I admit that I have a difficult time starting things but in the end I know that only if I force myself things will start to move on (still working on that!). the second will be the fact that I didn't knew where to start, you see, it has been for so long since I last appeared on the blogosphere that I didn't knew from where to begin. I was missing for a long period and I experienced, saw, learned, felt so many things that every time I tried to think about my "first for the past two years" post all my thoughts begun all massy and blended. So I 
decided to start from blank, open a new page, to do a reintroducing.

Hello, I'm Dooshi and Meydale is my blog. Here you have the chance to absorb a bit of my quirky style. Be my guests!

 (Black turtle neck top from American apparel, basic black maxi skirt from s.wear, white reebok sneakers and Rhea Thierstein head band)

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