It's not over after my bangs

Oh hats, yes, hats. I will open with the fact that hats don't get the much attention they deserve in our days. If back in the days hats was a must have accessory in every lady cloakroom (and if I go back to this "suit" thing I talked about last post, usually it was a matching hat) than I don't see why, from any reason, We can't enjoy this experience in our days. Well hats didn't vanish from earth but they are mainly related to two types of persons: "classic elders" and "youngs and restless", and when I write "hats" I mean all headpieces wherever they are and no, not the ones you take to a field trip. 
one pioneer at the hats field here in Israel is Tami Bar-Lev, a talented milliner who's kind of set back to life this time honored profession (does she have an audience in here? it's a question for another time but let's say that high fashion didn't caught it position here yet. such a late bloomers). among her mentors you can include also the colorful Piers Atkinson whom she worked for in his Londoner studio for a period and probably will explain some of her inspirations. 

(Photos taken from Piers Atkinson's "it's my party" collection for S/S14)

Tami makes humoristic and sassy headpieces by presenting an item simply as it is if it's a banana, a shrimp or even a fork that seem to be stuck in your skull. her debut collection followed the name "if you like pina coladas" and presented a memories from a dreamy vacation that apparently never happened but somehow alive and well in Tami mind and if we think about it, it alive in each and every one of us minds (I mean common.. don't lie and tell me that you never daydreamed about you lying in a woven hammock, your skin is brown as burned chocolate birthday cake and hoola girl serve you some exotic "umbrella decorated" drink!). I love it that she is brave enough to have fun with this forgotten and a bit neglected accessory because if you think about it.. It's the hat that makes the person. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

(Photos taken from "if you like pina coladas" collection lookbook)

Oh and somehow it's my first post since 2014 has begun... amm yeah... well... shame on me I guess?


  1. nice photos!


  2. מהמם!
    עושה חשק לקיץ.

  3. All of these hats are AMAZZZZZING!!!! We are hat obsessed! Gonna put mine on right now!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  4. great inspiration! love your blog and style xx
    The Frill Seeker