For the love of the fur

With no warning or announce before I found myself graving for fury things. I woke one morning with a fur last, it hit me from nowhere like out of the blue. The only reasonable reason for this case can be the fact that I found in one of my "pretended to be arrangement but actually is more mess up than arrange" room arrangement two bags with plenty of faux fur that has left from one of the Purim costumes I made way back in the past, one in light blue and the other in light pink. Suddenly everything I made and worn needed a fur mention in a mysterious way. A dress that I got from my grandma is too small for me? Let's extend it with the fur on the sides. I need something that will separate between two parts in the shirt that I made? Let the fur do the job. I don't were those sandals? With the fur on them ill probably ware them all day long and etc.
After I finish redesigning my pink sandals I saw this whistles slippers so I guess this fur thing is a global vibe now, something in the air that makes us all upgrade our lives with the power of fur.

The practice in fur always brings up the moral question, if you're for the thing or against it. Well it's not a secret that in this process millions of innocent creatures get hurt in horrible ways but still it's very common that in high fashion designers are choosing to use the real fur for their collections. Maybe it's the quality and the glamour that overcome on the environmental aspect and I am sure that the original is always better than the alternatives but for now, for someone that had never got in touch with the real deal and don't feel it absence in my life I believe that we can live perfectly fine with the alternatives that we have. Something to think about.

Worn my home made pink fur slippers with Zara knit sparkle top, vintage from japan floral skirt, Tabio sheer socks

Worn my buttoned shirt with Vitrina ducks shirt, white shorts from grandma, Topshop socks and reebok classic trainers