It's getting messy in wonderland.

You know this filling when so many things are skipping in front of you and it is all messy but good messy, beautiful shiny and bright  messy when you pray to god (or to Darwin, whatever you believe in) and just wish for it to never end and desist from all its messiness?! (this is the time when you look at each other wondering what in the name of all sane people I want from your peaceful life) well I do! And it just happened while watching Meadham Kirchhoff fashion in motion at the Victoria and Albert museum (wish I was there but unfortunately it all happened tnx to the internet inventor and my personal laptop). And it is happening every time I'm exposed to everything related to this magnificent duo that also known as Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff or just Ed and Ben (yo). Dazed digital made a short video about it. If you are savvy you should watch it. 

(photos snapped from the dazed digital video)

Since they start to appear on the runways at the London fashion week few years ago, back in the times when I was freshly new innocent fashion interested blogger I sensed that something good is about to enter our lives. They know the right amount of "too much "so they are so wrong that they are so right. Well.. I guess they caught me in their full of weird fishes net.
Recently (to be exact from November 21) they appeared with a new and dam good collaboration with Topshop. It's a collection combined lots of gothic pentagrams symbols trims dreamy colored t's, happy cowboy jackets and some furry cotton-candy-look-alike platforms so as use of many colors from the pastel-ish pallete alongside with clownish variegation. If I had to define it somehow more specific I would probably say santa meets boho HIM meets unicorns with pj's and they all lived happily ever after. unfortunately after finely being accessible to us, simple mortals, my country is not one of the lucky ones to have this collection in our Topshop stores and no, Topshop don't deliver to here (shame on you. you busters) so for now I'll have to watch this collaboration through my laptop screen. Who said life is faire. These are some selected items. Now excuse me, I went to wet my pillow with tears.

(Topshop collaboration pics taken from vogue.co.uk)


  1. Thanks for visited me! Wow a great collaboration, really fashionable and glamour!
    Maybe I could wear that fur!

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  3. SOOO unbelievable!I LOVVVE LOVE LOVE these clothes, the colours, the textiles! it's all sooo playful and FUN!!! OBSESSED
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


    1. Well.. we sure think the same about that!
      obsessed as well I guess :)

  4. ughh I feel your pain girl, I should've bought online when I had the chance- can I join you and we can cry together into a bucket of ice cream?

    1. Yeah sure! bring some chocolate fudge brownie flavored ben and jerry's and you're in!

  5. Great blog!!
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  6. jhjgjh great post! i always get excited when I see Meadham Kirchhoff



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