You are a drama queen

Hi there
One last time complaining about something not fashionpassion related
So here it is

Why everything is has to be so dramatic in here. The winter came in late (only at the start of December) but it hit us in all its strength. Well maybe to all of you European countries residents it will be like a lovely winter. still, my country is a summer lover (after all it covers most of the year) and we are not that used to this kind of weather especially not when it hit us out of the blue, but even though we didn't made our pre preparation for the "not seen something like tihs for the past 100 years" cold weather nothing justifies the panic that created around it, someone used the words "country under siege" and someone used "country by storm"and i won't name who (ahm all the news folks). Sometimes we need a beat of perspective in life. 

And now
Me in a cape
Tartan cape 
 (My grandma tartan long cape originally came from Scotland ((the cape not my grandma)), VITRINA paisley jeans dress, happy socks tie dye tights, Topshop buckles boots, target plastic gold earrings)

Next time pure fashion


  1. נעים להכיר :)

    אני מאווווד אוהבת את השכמיה והשילוב של מה שאת לובשת, שילובי הדפסים עושים לי נעים :)

    Dress To Cook

  2. עפתי על הג'קט הסקוטי שלך, ממש ממש יפה ונראה גם סופר מחמם :)

    1. תודה! וכן הוא בהחלט התאים לכמה ימי חורף ה"קשים" שהיו פה :)

  3. Gorgeous cape, gorgeous dress, wonderful blog! really!

    I started folloiwng you via bloglovin!
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